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Lead with action — accept the CMO Talent Challenge. Help develop the next generation of marketers, and invite your peers to join you.

About the Challenge

Marketing’s talent pipeline is uncertain and that’s a cause for concern. Millennials’ view of our profession is dim, at best. Too many feel that their companies aren’t providing nearly enough training, that their career options within marketing are being limited, and that marketing is just a stopover on the way to something much more interesting. And because it looks like we’re always under the gun, they don’t aspire to the CMO role.

But by taking action as a community of marketing leaders, we can make a difference. Join us. Our goal is to get 1,000 CMOs to accept the CMO Talent Challenge and commit to these three things:

  • Mentor: Make talent development and training one of your top personal priorities for 2017
  • Market: Commit to “market marketing” by spending at least five hours over the next year talking to students about marketing careers
  • Mobilize: Participate in the industry-wide ANA/AEF talent study to help the industry prepare for the next generation of marketers

Together, as a community of CMOs, we will fortify the industry’s talent pipeline and ensure marketing’s bright future.

Linda Boff


Jon Iwata

SVP, Marketing & Communications

Jeff Jones

President, Ride Sharing

Kristin Lemkau

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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For questions about the CMO Talent Challenge or the ANA Masters Circle, please contact Nick Primola at the ANA.


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